In Loving Memory

To keep a loved one close to your heart forever, discover our beautiful range of memorial jewellery. Our range of personalised memorial jewellery is a meaningful way to remember your loved one and is a heartfelt gift for a grieving family member or friend. 

For fingerprint pieces we may be able to use impressions that you already have, or you can request that myself or the funeral director take the prints for you before the funeral. We work with many local funeral directors and can send the kit directly to them. Following a loss, it's understandable that you might not know what, if anything, you’d like to order but we would advise you to get the prints and there's no time limit once you have them, we're here when you're ready. We regret that we are unable to work with fingerprints that are ink prints on paper as just our fingerprint process requires a 3D impression. 

Hand or footprint jewellery is known to bring comfort and a sense of closeness to grieving families. Families often come to us with prints that they have from a lost loved one, sometimes from years ago, with the hope that they can turn such treasured prints into a piece of jewellery. This includes angel prints taken in hospitals from babies. This work is so special and we will do everything possible to create a truly unique and beautiful piece for you. Ideally, our process works best with ink prints taken on white paper but we have worked with other mediums successfully before. If you're unsure of a print please just ask and we can advise. 

Memorial pieces featuring handwriting are growing in popularity. Whether it's a signature from an old greetings card or a note left on the fridge, we can turn that into a piece of jewellery  to keep close to you forever. You don't need to part with the writing as we can work from a photograph and can move words or a ‘x’ around to create the memento you would like. 

Losing a pet can be just as heartbreaking as the loss of a loved one. We have created many pet memorial pieces using prints from much loved dogs, cats and horses. Prints on paper or using our kits are ideal but we have worked with photographs before and work carefully with the image, removing any marks from fur if required. Vets are normally more than happy to assist in taking a print or we are happy to help if we can. 

We understand that any situation of this kind is upsetting and often time sensitive. We will do everything we can to make you feel at ease, answer your questions and go above and beyond if required to capture that all important print that you can treasure forever.