Frequently Asked Questions

Are my children too old or too big to take prints?

We can use hand, foot and paw prints from anyone of any age. All prints are miniaturised to fit on your chosen item of jewellery which means that no hand, foot or paw is too big. Fingerprints develop at different ages and we find children under the age of 4 months tend not to have fully defined whorls, therefore, we recommend fingerprint jewellery for children over the age of 4 months and adults.

Can you use handprints I already have?

We are often able to work with prints which you already have. If you would like us to check the prints first, please email a scanned copy or photo of the prints to us at and we will confirm the suitability and recommend which pieces we feel would work best for your print.

How can I take the best possible prints?

Your printing kit will come with instructions and you can take a look at our videos on the website for some more help. If you are struggling to take prints, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can help.

Are your printing kits safe?

Our inkless printing kits are designed for taking newborn handprints and footprints and are widely used in hospitals and maternity units. We have been using these kits for over ten years and never had any issues, but as with anything applied to the skin, there is a small chance of irritation. Have baby wipes handy during the process and wash the hand, foot or paw with warm water and soap thoroughly when you have finished taking all prints. The fingerprint impression putty is non toxic so shouldn't present any problems but wash hands well after use. We do spend a lot of time researching and testing all of our products and would never use anything that would harm any child, adult or pet.

Will my prints be cleaned up?

Prints or artwork are not usually altered in any way, as this would take away from the unique idea of using loved ones' prints. We will remove any unwanted marks or smudges from around the artwork or prints. Please bear in mind that finer detail and lines may not be visible when the image has been reduced in size.

How big will the fingerprint be in the finished jewellery?

Your fingerprints will appear as they do when taken. If your baby is tiny then the fingerprint impression will be tiny too. If you wish to have adult’s fingerprints in your piece we will recommend the best size, shape or finger to use in order to give you the most effective piece while taking into account your preferences. There is a small reduction in size due to kiln firing but this is marginal.

Can I have a name put on the back of a charm?

We will happily engrave a name , date or few words onto your piece to make it even more personal for you. We recommend that this is done on the back so that the front of your piece features only the most important part, the print. If you particularly want something written on the front we will of course consider the individual piece. We can engrave with our own neat handwriting or stamp on the front for that more formal style.

What happens if there is a problem with my order?

We are sure that you will be delighted with our products as we take a good deal of pride in our work and customer service. We only use the highest quality sterling silver findings and fittings. All our jewellery is quality checked and tested before sending out but if there is a fault or misspelling contact us within 7 days and we will attempt to rectify or re-make your item. However, being a small company and by the very nature of the product, if you simply do not like the result we will not be able to offer a refund. We do hope that you understand.