About Us

Hello, I’m Lisa. 

I am the founder and creator of Silver & Special and mum to two wonderful children living in Ashford in Kent, the beautiful Garden of England. 

I have always been interested in jewellery, which for hundreds of years has connected loved ones, providing a tangible way of keeping someone close to you. The introduction of precious metal clay enabled jewellery makers around the world to create keepsake jewellery that is unique, personal and brings comfort to the wearer. I loved the idea of producing something that was not only beautiful to wear but had emotional meaning too and so in 2010 Silver & Special was born.

A decade of crafting jewellery rich in sentiment has been challenging at times but so rewarding. Each piece has a specific feeling, capturing a moment in time, a celebration or memory. I have learned new techniques and spent hours in my small studio pouring time and love into each hand made piece. I enjoy meeting so many of you in person and taking the first hand and footprints of a new born baby, calming pups so I can capture their paw print, looking at the similarities in a families’ fingerprints or transferring your artwork. I am particularly proud of the growth of my memorial range and work with local funeral directors to bring grieving families some comfort at a difficult time. 

There are a few ways for us to work together. You can make an appointment to visit me in person where I will happily show you some samples, discuss ideas and answer your questions before taking that all important print. Alternatively, I can send you a kit to use at home which I can then work from.  If you have drawn pictures or handwriting that you wish to use these can be sent or scanned and emailed to me. There have also been occasions when I have needed to visit someone in their home or at a hospice and if I can do that then I’m happy to. I pride myself on offering a truly personal service wherever possible. I offer a range of products to suit all ages and tastes and am always keen to work with you on new ideas and bespoke designs. If you require gift vouchers to give to others I can arrange this or you can order online. You can also be assured that every single piece of handcrafted jewellery from Silver & Special has been made by me.